Manuscript Roundup

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We are so thrilled to have such a response to Swoon Reads! We now have 61 manuscripts on the site and comments and ratings on many of them. However, we’ve noticed that some of the newer manuscripts haven’t been receiving as much love as the older ones. So we put together a list of some of the most recent uploads in each genre. There’s new stuff here for every reader’s discerning palate:


Prettier Every TimeAdventure

The Last Diminisher by Michelle Fontenot

Can Amara overcome her past to become the Last Diminisher in time to save her world?


Madeline lies for a living, enjoys red meat rare and just wants a guy that won’t harvest her organs.


ContemporaryJust Friends

In This Moment by Wendy Glenn

Sometimes, going through the motions feels like all we can manage, but it takes love to truly live.

Just Friends by Tiffany Pitcock

When you’re in love with your best friend there’s nothing more terrifying than crossing that line.


Meandering River


Meandering River, Ardent Flame by Vivian Chak

Two sisters in medieval China out to vindicate family become entangled with a mysterious swordsman.


InspirationalBleeding Blue

Throne of Grace by Katy Wolfe

Falling for the wrong boy . . . for the right reasons.

Bleeding Blue by Sallie Dean

Paisleigh Lyramine never believed in the term “Life Saver” until Lennox Bridges came around.


Past Lives


Indigo by Shana Chartier

            One cannot live if the other dies…the mortal coil now entwines.

 Past Lives by Shana Chartier

This is the story of how I died…a lot.


**Keep in mind that we haven’t read these manuscripts either, so don’t take this as an endorsement! We just thought you guys might like a quick rundown of the newest material. **

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