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Meet the Author of SCRATCH THAT, Tiana Smith!

Meet the second of four fantastic authors joining the Swoon Reads family, Tiana Smith! We fell hard for incredibly funny and modern take on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, about a girl who gets a hold of her friend Cupid's magical matchmaking notebook. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues. Learn more about Scratch That!

Where did the idea for Scratch That come from?

Have you ever seen the movie She's the Man? If so, we can be friends. If not, go watch it now. I'll wait. 

The beginning menu of the movie sums it up by saying something like "Duke wants Olivia, who likes Sebastian, who is really Viola, whose brother is dating Monique, so she hates Olivia, who's with Duke to make Sebastian jealous, who is really Viola, who's crushing on Duke..."

And it's this convoluted mess of relationships that basically stems down to the fact that there's a girl who likes a boy that she shouldn't. I kept wondering, what if there's a girl who likes a boy, and she has the power to actually make that relationship happen? And what if fate has someone better in store for her, who wasn't on her radar? Someone persistent, a little suave, and a whole lot swoonworthy? It'd probably get just as convoluted. I wanted to read that story, so I had to write it!

In this book, Mia has control over a special matchmaking notebook. If you had one of these, would you use it—and why or why not?

I think every relationship could use a little magic! Back when I was single, I would have loved something that could speed up the process… luckily, my eventual husband came around and saw sense (my magic turned out to be food!), and we've been living happily ever after ever since. 

Who would play your characters in a movie?

This question is a whole lot harder than it looks... but I'll give it a try.

Mia would be Emma Watson. She's smart, a go-getter, and has that sort of girl-next-door quality.

Logan would be Logan Lerman (from The Lightning Thief), because he has the kind of understated handsomeness that could make me believe he's totally a catch, even if he might get overlooked at first.

Vince would be Freddie Stroma (Cormac on Harry Potter) because he's got that golden boy, star of everything vibe going on.

And Elena (because you have to have four people for a love quadrangle!) would be Zendaya, because I think she could really pull off the type of character who is used to having her way.

What makes you swoon?

Flirting and banter. I'm a sucker for a good book (or movie) with lots of witty banter going back and forth. It shows me just how much the characters are made for each other.

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