Meet the Author of STRINGS, Nikki Katz!

Meet the third of four kick-butt authors joining the Swoon Reads family, Nikki Katz! We were blown away by her twisty, deliciously gothic and utterly swoonworthy novel about a young ballerina trapped at a boarding school by a mysterious benefactor. (And did we mention there's a cute kitchen boy too?) Step into the world of Strings!

What inspired you to write Strings?

Strings is actually the sixth manuscript I’ve written. I was halfway through writing a very different novel about a group of teens who are kidnapped and sent to the moon. One evening the television was on in the background and I must have heard or seen something that reminded me of Pinocchio. I stopped mid-activity as the concept of real puppets danced through my head, a group of teens being mind-controlled. The plot unfurled from there. I began writing the next day and drafted the novel in less than two months!

What is your favorite moment in the book?

All of my favorite moments are spoilers... so I will just say that my absolute favorite is when Penny remembers the extent of her history with Cricket.

What's your favorite Italian food? Because we definitely remember the food in your book! What would you have Cricket bring you?

Can I start with dessert? I mentioned I like to bake right? A light cannoli filled with pistachio, chocolate ricotta cheese blend? Delish. I also adore pretty much every other Italian food. Bruschetta. Ravioli with a pine nut filling. Minestrone soup. Really, I could go on all day. One of my favorite things about writing this novel was researching traditional Italian foods. 

Who would play your characters in a movie?

I’ve always envisioned Penny played by an actress like Hailee Steinfeld or Lily Crawford. And if Philip Phillips ever turned actor, he’s my ideal Cricket! Otherwise I adore Alex Pettyfer and Daniel Sharman (if he was willing to lighten his hair). And of course Ian Somerhalder for Mangiafuoco.

What makes you swoon?

Well-thought out gifts from the heart. Surprises. Knowing that I’m wanted.

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