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Meet the Authors of THE DREAM WATCHER, Talia Rothschild and Ashleigh Claire!

Say hello to the first two of three wonderful new authors joining the Swoon Reads family, Talia Rothschild and Ashleigh Claire! We were totally swept away by their Greek mythology-inspired adventure about an exiled goddess who goes on a quest to clear her name and save Mount Olympus. Learn more about The Dream Watcher!

What inspired you to write The Dream Watcher?

Ashleigh: We were 13-year-olds who just wanted to go on an adventure. Since we really couldn’t, we decided to write one down. The Dream Watcher was an escape. We fell in love and gave it all we had; it got us hooked on writing and 15 years later we’re just picking up speed.

Talia: What Ashleigh said about adventure. :) We had crazy imaginations that seriously needed an outlet. We actually came up with the initial concept and characters at a sleepover! I think the motivation and passion to keep writing this story stemmed from each other. We kept each other accountable and excited with new ideas and scenes. After figuring out we had a knack for storytelling, we just had to keep going.

What is your favorite moment in the book?

A: The scene I kept going back to is the first chapter from Braxtus’ perspective. The god of games was losing to his best friend who easily picked up the reason why and tried to literally knock him out of it. It was so fun to display their friendship in this situation and watch Kostas take the first step into one of the book’s most prominent romances (my favorite romance in any book I or we have written since).

T: Soooooo many to choose from!!! Okay, if I had to pick, I might say the scene toward the end with Braxtus and Ihanna in the infirmary. The tension between them is electric. I reread that scene so many times just so my heart could break over and over. All the feels.

If you were fighting in your own Ceremony, which mythological creature would you want to face?

A: It’s a bit insane, but assuming I had the skill, I’d want to fight a manticore. A lion with wings, scorpion tail and the face of a man sounds like a fun challenge and an epic fight.

T: Yes, assuming I had the necessary training (preferably from Demitri), my selection would be a drakaina—a female serpent with human features. I don’t like snakes, but I’m not scared of them... and an evil-looking snake-lady would be difficult but so satisfying to defeat.

Who would play your characters in a movie?

T&A: Well, if we could age-adjust, this is our list:

Galene – Poppy Drayton

Ihanna – Madison Iseman

Kostas – Orlando Bloom

Braxtus – Liam Hemsworth

Demitri – Ian Somerhalder

Chrysander – Sam Claflin

Poine – Cate Blanchett

What makes you swoon?

A: Pure, honest emotion; whether it is love, rage, or misery, if it rattles my empathy, I swoon.

T: For me, romantic tension. Vulnerability. Fighting for what you believe in. Aaand my husband. :D

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