Meet the Author of ALL THE FEELS, Danika Stone!

Say hello to the fourth of our five new authors for Season 4, Danika Stone, author of All the Feels! This story captured our hearts with its brilliantly accurate portrayal of fandom and by introducing us to our new favorite book boyfriend, charismatic steampunk enthusiast Xander. We’ve been fangirling over this book ever since!

What do you fangirl over?

My fangirling tends to go in waves and the poor people who follow my (non-writing) tumblr are subjected to a barrage of new ships / OTC’s / fandom love. I’ve admittedly been online for a LONG time. (Yes, I remember My first fandom was Battlestar Galactica, followed by Fringe, Game of Thrones, and Sherlock. Recently, I’ve been obsessing over The 100. Have you watched that show yet? GO WATCH IT NOW.

No seriously. Go right now. *shushes you* I’ll wait.

What would you cosplay as?

I love cosplaying, and Halloween is always a big deal at my house. My past-favorite is Ramona Flowers, but a new character I’d love to cosplay is Agent Peggy Carter. She is fierce!

Where did the idea for All the Feels come from?

I love stories that focus on messy, realistic relationships. In All the Feels, I wanted to build a story where love didn’t show up like a lightning bolt, but developed over time. The characters of Liv and Xander began to assert themselves as I was doing pre-writing and when I realized I had a fangirl and fanboy to work with, DragonCon seemed a logical venue. The first time you attend D*C can be so overwhelming and I wanted to capture the emotion of that experience.

Who would play your characters in a movie?

The other day I ran across a picture of Ezra Miller in period dress and realized he was EXACTLY what I’d envisioned for Xander. (I may have tweeted that enthusiastically to the world.) As for Liv, she’s been a little more elusive, but I imagine she’d be played by an actor who could show both shyness and passion. Lindsey Morgan or a dark-haired Elle Fanning come to mind.

What makes you swoon?

I swoon for books that keep me reading long past midnight, for TV series I can mainline on Netflix, and for the fandoms that support them. I swoon for perfect Sunday mornings with nothing but a blank page just waiting to be written. I swoon for date nights, desserts, laughter, and my best friend and love of my life: my husband. Most of all, I swoon for the potential of tomorrow. The last few weeks since finding out All the Feels was selected for Swoon Reads have felt like a dream, and I never want to wake up!

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