Mix and Match Character Couples

So by now you may have heard that Blair Waldorf has married Seth Cohen and somewhere in the space-time continuum 18 year-old Claire’s heart sang with happiness.

You all remember The O.C. – the show that gave us a look inside the lives of the fake rich and famous of Southern California? Josh Schwartz created the show started in 2003 and Adam Brody starred as the fish out of water high school kid, with a killer sarcastic sense of humor and adorably floppy brown curls. I wanted to be friends with the highly unlikely, but utterly lovable quartet of Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts. Sure the show is a fluffy prime-time soap, but I invite you to go back and rewatch season one, because it is spot on with the humor and relationships. And I always thought that even though Ben McKenzie was the lead male, that Adam Brody stole the show with his self-deprecating humor, charming chasing of his life-long crush, Summer Roberts, and his undeniable charm.

And then four years later, Josh Schwartz took his winning formula and reformatted it to fit the New York City prep school lifestyle – and Gossip Girl was equally as awesome. Sure, there are some clear crossover elements between the two series, it felt unique and unlike anything you’d seen before. And just like Marissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer, I wanted to hang out on the steps of the Met with Blair and Serena. Again, even though Blake Lively’s Serena van der Woodsen was the starlet of the show, Leighton Meester became the reason I tuned in every week. On the exterior she was cool, calculating and cold-hearted, but behind the scenes you saw a totally vulnerable, extremely intelligent and truly complex female who was dealing with a whole host of issues that made your weekly assignments as a marketing assistant in a job you didn’t particularly like seem like less of an issue.

So here we are eleven years after The O.C. and seven years after Gossip Girl started – it seems so lovely that Seth Cohen has crossed the coast and TV waves to find his (we can only hope) true love, Blair Waldorf. I read a fair amount of People magazine and Entertainment Weekly and these two celebrities have been relatively unseen, but I can still just imagine how lovely they are together based on their TV alter egos, and it got me to thinking. Who else would you want to mash-up into an ultimate couple? What about Elena from Vampire Diaries and one of the Winchester brothers from Supernatural? How about Peeta from Hunger Games with Tris from Divergent? Or Four from Divergent and Celeana from Throne of Glass? They’d be the ultimate fighting duo. So what to you think, Swooners? In an alternate universe, who would you pair up? Who would you want to see fall in love? Use your imagination – and let’s hear it below!

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