Name That Tune, Part 2

And we’re back! A few weeks ago I wrote about music and romantic moments – I threw out a couple of books with great music tie-ins, and even mentioned a few songs. And then I thought: everyone needs a (new) good (swoonworthy) playlist! So I’ve compiled a list of ten songs I love that are played at key (romantic) moments in a variety of movies and TV shows (went a bit old school on some of these) to help inspire you while you’re trying to drum up your own romantic moments (writers) or while you’re enjoying some of your favorite literary scenes (readers). Check it out below:

tumblr_n0wdr5a4Uq1r5wwfpo1_5001)      Count Me In – by Early Winters (The Lucky One)

2)      Give Into Me – Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester (Country Strong)

3)      I Shall Believe – Sheryl Crow (Roswell)

4)      If It Kills Me – Jason Mraz (So You Think You Can Dance)

5)      Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran (Vampire Diaries)

6)      Sway – The Perishers (Veronica Mars)

7)      My invitation – Sarah Slean (Dawson’s Creek)

8)      La Cienega Just Smiled – Ryan Adams (Felicity)

9)      Fire in the Water – Feist (Breaking Dawn Part 2)

10    In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel (Say Anything)

But let me know – what did I forget? Sound off below on anything you think I missed and which TV, book or movie it’s from. Can’t wait to get listening!

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