As you may recall from my last post I am going through something of a reading funk due to my end-of-a-series blues over finishing The Mortal Instruments series. In a way it’s been a good thing since it has allowed me to plow through a lot of work related reading without distraction. However, after finding myself giving a girl on the subway death eyes for reading City of Heavenly Fire in my presence (I mean, how is it fair that I am finished and she still gets to enjoy it for the first time!?!) I have decided it is time to pull myself together and find something new to read.


To find this new book I turned to my go to place for inspiration—Pinterest.  I have heard people jokingly say that Pinterest is a place where women go to plan weddings that aren’t happening, dress babies they don’t have, and decorate houses they don’t own and while I do all those things I also use Pinerest to help cultivate my everyday inspirations and joy. Whether it be adding to a board of inspiring quotes, beautiful images or goals and aspirations (hello six pack!). I also find Pinterest incredibly helpful for gathering and storing useful information from recipes to stain removers to interesting travel articles. I especially appreciate anything with an infographic.  So it is probably no surprise that I also have a board for books where I pin books that I want to read, books that are getting a lot of buzz, and books that I love.

The first thing I did on my hunt for something new to read was go to this board and check out the titles I had pinned there. When nothing I already had pinned jumped out at me I decided to scroll through the feed of things recently pinned by the people I am following. Considering I follow a good number of publishers, librarians, and other like-minded book lovers I expected to hit the jackpot here. After a few minutes of looking through the results I came across Brenna Yovanoff’s The Space Between and was instantly drawn to the cover.

The Space Between


Thanks to a friend of mine that works at Penguin I had snagged a galley (advanced reader edition) of Yovanoff’s Paper Valentine a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Paper Valentine is the story of 16-year-old Hannah, who is haunted by the ghost of her best friend Lilian who is trying to get Hannah to investigate a string of local murders. The blend of ghost story, with friendship story, with serial killer murder mystery really worked for me but for some reason I hadn’t thought about Brenna Yovanoff again until that very moment. Rediscovering an author whose work I had enjoyed felt very serendipitous to me so I have added The Space Between to my library hold shelf and pinned the rest of her books to my book board for future reference.

What do you think, Swoon Readers? Anyone have any thoughts on The Space Between? Where do you guys go to find your next book?

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