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Publishing: The Cindy Anstey Reality

My dream of being published was decades old before Love, Lies and Spies was released. I hoped that I would eventually feel vindicated for all the years I had spent learning—grammar, history, character psychology and how to commit murder. Just one published book would be enough. Or so I thought.

I imagined that as soon as I crossed that published-author magical line, I would suddenly be comfortable speaking in front of family, friends and readers. My subsequent books would require far less labor-intense plotting. Characters would leap off the page shouting "I’ll show you the way."


The reality of being published—particularly by Swoon Reads—is nothing like my pre-published musings. All my learning has held me in good stead. Grammar was and is my greatest nemesis. Woe is I (by Patricia O’Conner) helped me hurtle over that hurdle. Now, I quite like editing and catching my mistakes—thank heaven for beta readers and copyeditors who find the ones that slip by. And, I have discovered that I love to learn new facts whether I use them in my books or not; servants’ duties, fashion, medicine, etiquette etc. However, I have not become comfortable with public speaking and I likely never will. I am an introvert through and through. My characters arrive fully formed but they do not jump off the page and demand a role.

Now to the surprises: I did not expect the kindness or support of the Swoon team. I thought it would be a sink or swim situation, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Changes are suggested, not demanded. Mistakes are identified, not criticized. Ideas are original and helpful. Publication did not change me, I’m still an artist, wife and mother; I still love to read, take walks on the beach and garden. No one stops me on the street (not even in the bookstore) to ask about my novels or ask for my autograph. (Thank heaven!)

And, of course, one book was not enough. As soon as I had two, I imagined five. As soon as I had five, I imagined ten. And I’m on my way. Deadly Curious, being released June 23rd (this coming Tuesday!), is my sixth YA.

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