Publishing in May 2015: VELVET by Temple West

Announcing Velvet by Temple WestAre you ready for another round of Swoon Reads book announcements? We’re so pumped to share the first book on our second list with you: Velvet by Temple West.

In this paranormal romance, aspiring designer Caitlin is less than thrilled about starting a new school, moving in with her aunt, and life in general. That all changes when her bad-boy neighbor Adrian saves her from a terrifying supernatural force. It turns out Adrian isn’t just super-hot—he’s supernatural! When Adrian becomes Caitlin’s self-appointed bodyguard, the two pretend to date to throw off suspicion. Trouble is, Caitlin begins to fall for Adrian for real, but a half-demon vampire can never love a human…

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And visit Temple’s author page to learn more about her. Or better yet, “meet” her yourself! Here’s Temple West expressing just how excited she is to be a Swoon Reads author:


Here’s what the Swoon Reads community had to say about Velvet:

“This reads exactly like one of those things you buy in a big bookstore.” — John Verba

“The author has a great voice – fresh, fun and clearly talented.” — T.S. Reads

“I couldn’t leave it alone. I’ve been up into the wee hours of the morning reading it and I’ve been left happy with the experience!” — Becca

“I could not. stop. reading. There better be a sequel…” — Raimy Faere

Thanks for reading, rating, and reviewing this steamy vampire romance! We wouldn’t have discovered it without you.

And thank you, as always, for swooning with us.

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