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Reading and Writing Diverse YA: Some Wisdom from Twitter (Part I)

Twitter is a beautiful wormhole of things both clever and (sometimes) troubling. And it’s a really great resource for anyone who wants to read, write, or support diverse books. Maybe you’re intimidated or confused by Twitter, or you’re too busy to keep up with some of the intelligent things being tweeted? That’s OK, because here are just a few things that smart people on Twitter have to say about diverse YA:

Tell stories that don’t revolve around violence, issues, and sorrow – everyone deserves a happy ending

Representation is important – and people remember books that have good representation

Some stories – even good ones – can feel alienating and worn out when they don’t reflect diverse experiences

Everyone deserves to be the hero of their own story

Calling a book “exotic” is not complimentary – it’s othering

(For more about exoticizing and why that’s a problem, try this video. Warning: There’s some NSFW language in the video.)

It’s important to be mindful of stereotypes and microagressions    

It’s OK to mention race

Diverse books are for everyone

Come back on Friday for some more Twitter Wisdom!

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