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Rounding the Homestretch: It's the Last Week of NaNo!

You’re nearly there! 

The finish line is in sight, Swooner-Wrimos. Just one more week. That’s seven entire days to hit that 50K. So don’t give up now!

what would a dinosaur do

To those of you who are totally capable of pantsing the crap out of a fresh novel, the past three weeks might have been no sweat. Heck, some of you might even be done already. That’s amazing and I’m jealous of your supernatural abilities. If you’re done, use this last week to take a much needed break, or polish off the last dangly bits of your draft.

To those of you who have struggled tooth and nail to get so much as a word out, don’t panic and don’t get discouraged! You still have a week. That’s like… a long time. If you’re behind on the word count, don’t let it freak you out, especially if this is only your first time participating. 

Just do whatever you can over the next week. And it’s OK if “whatever you can” isn’t all that much (it is a holiday week, after all). Remember that the most important thing about NaNoWriMo is that you’re writing. 

you can do this

Whether you end up with a final word count of 50,000 or 5,000, that’s still more than what you started with. That counts as a win in my book. 

Every weekday in November, we’ll be including a super special writing prompt at the end of all our blog posts! Check out today’s:

Prompt 11.23

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