Site Spotlight: Design Changes Coming Swoon!

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Site Spotlight! Today we want to talk to you about some exciting website enhancements that are currently in the works. These helpful changes and additions will go into effect very soon, so we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect, and a breakdown of our new website offerings:


genre-scifipnggenre-lgbtpngPerhaps the most exciting news is that we will be adding two new genres: LGBT and Science Fiction/Fantasy! Once these new genre options are available, feel free to simply change the category of your manuscript if you would like (we will be removing Inspirational as a category option for your submissions). To adjust the genre and/or sub-genre of your submission, simply go to your novel and click the ‘Edit’ button. Then, select the new Genre and/or Sub-genre from the scroll bar options. Once you have updated your category, make sure to click ‘Save Changes.’

There will be new names for certain sections of the homepage as well: The “Recently Read” area will now be “Being Read Now,” “Awesome Authors” will be “Top Rated Writers,” and “Red Hot Readers” will now be “Most Active Readers.” Additionally, at the very bottom of the homepage, we’ve split the “About” page into two separate information pages: So you will see links to a “How It Works” page and the “About Us” page.

Social Media Additions

We will also be adding an Instagram icon to the bottom right corner of the homepage, to our list of social media sites where we swoon. Simply click on one of these buttons to visit our other platforms, or on one of the buttons that will now be featured on each of our blog posts to share your favorites on your own social media pages!


Prefer dystopian adventure to mystery/thrillers, or paranormal romance about angels over vampires? Well now you can tell us! In addition to your favorite genres, you will also be able to tell us your favorite sub-genres in your profile. There will also be a field where you can let us know if you are a Reader, a Writer, or Both.


We’ve made the bookmark function in the e-reader more helpful: Now if you click it, it will save the page you are on just like an actual bookmark. It should also now be easier to open the e-reader toolbar, turn the pages, and close out of the e-reader.

We hope you are as excited about these new features as we are! Please ask us any questions you have about this overview, and we will also be sure to update you if we develop even more helpful new changes.

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