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Each Saturday we’ll be shining a spotlight onto our Swoonworthy social media communities by posting a roundup of our weekly favorites. Just in case you missed them:


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Annnnnnnnnd it’s official! THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Katie Van Ark is our third Swoon Reads book! Learn more about it here –>


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Met this Swoonworthy guy in Katonah. His owner said he was cruising women. Cruise away! I miss my dog. JF


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‘Up’ wedding inspiration:


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That terrifying moment when everything is happily resolved but the book still has 200 pages left…
That terrifying moment when there’s too many things that need resolving but the book has only 20 pages left…

(via myheartheartsbooks)


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One of the many reasons why we think#BenedictCumberbatch is super #swoonworthy. #QuotesWeSwoonOver

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