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Each Saturday we’ll be shining a spotlight onto our Swoonworthy social media communities by posting a roundup of our weekly favorites. Just in case you missed them:


On Our Facebook Page:
We’ll be pulling back the curtain on the publishing process, chatting about writing YA romance, and giving away some seriously swoonworthy swag! Don’t miss it!’


On Twitter:

For those who love Orphan Black, this week’s @heroesnhearts #FridayBeefcake is for you! 


On Pinterest:
Wild Wings Literary Lodgings : Pinch Gallery, Northampton MA


On Tumblr:
LOVE this notebook!
(via maryepearson)


On Instagram:
Spotted on @hellogiggles: this amazing t-shirt featuring a collage of images of our favorite guy #RyanGosling. We’ll take one for every member of the #SwoonReads staff!

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