Staff Stories: Make-ups, Break-ups, and Everything in Between — Romantic Dates

It’s not ALL work around the Swoon Reads headquarters. We’ve discovered that it’s also very important to have long gossipy conversations around the metaphorical water cooler. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of burning questions for our Swoon Staff members to answer. And, we’d love for you to join us! Share your answers in the comments. This week’s question is:

What’s the most romantic date you’ve ever been on?


“I had a classically romantic NY date this fall. My date wore a suit and asked me to wear a dress. We met for a drink and then went to the top of the Empire State Building to watch the sunset. Then we took a stroll by the library, went for fondue and wine, caught a last-minute movie, walked through Washington Square, and ended the evening sharing pancakes in a diner at 2am while sitting side-by-side. It was adorable and perfect.” – Holly R.

“*Blushes* I don’t think I can tell you that.” – Claire T.

brooklyn-bridge-sunset“The best first date I’ve ever been on involved a sunset stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge and an outdoor screening of The Maltese Falcon. The date was great, but the guy was a dud. Oh well.” – Ellen C.

“My first date with my current boyfriend was pretty romantic – we just talked for hours. It was Christmas so we were holed up in a little 18th century pub with an open fire and lots of mulled wine.” – Rachel P.

prom-boutonniere“Since I missed a boyfriend’s senior prom, I decided to recreate it for him. We spent the evening by ourselves dressed to the nines and dancing in the park. We knew it was cliché, but we were having too much fun to care.” – Kelly M.

“I once had a date wrapped in bacon and stuffed with goat cheese and it was pretty… romantic.” – Summer O.

“With my now husband on Christmas Eve.  I love the holidays.” – Jean F.

“Eating beachside at a wonderful restaurant in Kauai with my boyfriend, watching the whales jump in the distance in front of the setting sun.  He proposed to me about an hour later!” – Kerry N.


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