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Super-Specific Book Recommendations (Part I)

As an editor, I’m the go-to gal for everyone I know who loves to read and wants to know what to read next. I have a list of books prepared for all situations—for friends going on vacation, for family members who love mysteries but hate books about missing kids (hi, Mom!), for colleagues looking to branch out into new genres.

And if your needs are really specific, have I got a list for you! Here’s the first installment in our super-specific book recommendation series, where we take what you’re looking for and recommend the perfect book.

Looking for a super-specific book recommendation? Submit what you’re looking for in the comments below and we’ll try to provide one!

Author spotlight

Kat Brzozowski

Native New Hampshirite. Broadway musical nerd. Work team softball slugger. Embroidery aficionado. I’m one part Ramona, one part the monkeys …

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