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Swoon Author Alyssa Brandon's Editing Update: Different in a Good Way

For me, editing was the most time consuming bit of writing Bound to You. Finishing the first draft was easy and fast; it just all came tumbling out and in a few short months I was done. Problem was it didn’t quite make sense, the ending wasn’t really an ending and there were some bits that needed to be cut.

So going into the editing process I already knew there was quite a few things that I wanted to change. At that point had been two years since I both started and finished the book and I felt I’d grown both as a person and as a writer and I wanted to use that. Swoon had some ideas too (that I mostly liked) and my editor Holly and I made a new outline, keeping most of the beginning but changing up the ending and middle.

I wrote that up, no one was happy, we talked, changed it again, I wrote that, didn’t feel like that wasn’t right either, changed another bit, wanted to delete the whole thing, had an idea for the ending, felt I was almost done, but then totally changed my mind and…. Well you get the idea. It took a long time for me to be satisfied with the story and finally get to the end (and thankfully Holly stuck with me, even when we had an ending and I decided it wasn’t quite right and wanted to re-write it again).

All through the editing process there were moments like this:

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And some like this:

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But overall the process was super interesting, because the story changed so much, as did the characters. Megan is a bit tougher, James makes more sense and there is even a few new characters that weren’t in any of the original versions. The whole thing have just become so different and so much better!

Bound to You is now available for preorder!

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