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Swoon Author Chani Lynn Feener's Editing Update: Ready For It This Time

Going into edits for Between Frost and Fury, I had a much better understanding of what to expect. Which was both good… and bad. I knew that I could do it—because I’d managed to edit Amid Stars and Darkness and come out of it (mostly) unscathed—and I knew that the book and my sense of accomplishment would both be much better for it in the end.

But I also knew I was going to turn into a big ball of stress with a heavy dose of self-doubt. Initial edits are always fine for me, fun even. I get to write more, you say? Amazing! So of course I rush to do those things first, adding a scene or two here, extending another there. During this time period, usually two or three days, I’m completely dedicated, lightly sipping my coffee, blind to the world around me because I have such laser like focus. My Instagram account, my only real form of social media, suffers and I don’t even care.

And then…

Those first few days end, I’ve completed all of those rewrites and it’s time to read through the book and correct all the small things. As soon as I start that, I turn into a completely different person. I fidget, chug coffee like it’s air (so that I’ll have to get up to get more, of course), post half a dozen book photos to Instagram (with the excuse that I’m merely catching up), and sometimes (often) lean back in my chair and stare off into nothingness (because that’s super productive).

Here’s where the good at knowing this was going to happen comes in. I prepared for it this time. I knew it was coming, warned my friends and family, and made sure that the deadline I requested left me plenty of time to wallow in my self-proclaimed “why am I so awful at writing” misery.

It was also really helpful to have reviews for the first book out there. Any time it got too bad and I wanted to give up, I’d click over to Goodreads and read a good review about Amid Stars and Darkness. Enough people liked it that I couldn’t be completely awful at writing, right? That would be the motivation I needed to just buckle down and keep going.

Also like before, the end results were worth it. Book 2 is five times better than it was initially, and I’m super proud and happy with it. Will I ever read it again? Probably not. But you totally should (especially if you like Trystan. *Cough*)!

Between Frost and Fury is now available for preorder!

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