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Swoon Author Danielle Banas: Finding the Perfect Superhero Name (Plus a Quiz!)

“Who are you?” This guy must have been new in town. Not even Connor was this annoying to civilians after he saved them.

The man—or boy, rather (I’d determined by his voice he was somewhere around my age)—scoffed. “I can’t tell you that. Rule numero uno and all.”

“I wasn’t asking for your real name. What’s your superhero name?”

“Oh, right. I can’t tell you that either.”

“Is it because you haven’t picked one yet?” This guy was definitely a newbie.

“Hey, maybe I’m still weighing my options. You know, determining what the public will best respond to.”

Coming up with superhero names was both really fun and really difficult. Most of the time I wanted them to sound cool without sounding lame, or in the case of my favorite aquatic hero, Fish Boy, I wanted his name to sound lame without sounding super lame. While I was writing The Supervillain and Me, I utilized quite a few superhero name generators online. Sadly most of the suggestions they offered fell firmly in the “super lame” category, but at the very least they did a good job of getting my creative juices flowing.

Recently I realized that if I had to pick a superhero name for myself based on my personality, it would probably be pretty pathetic. Something like… The Puppy Snuggler. Trust me, I can feel you quaking in your boots all the way through my computer screen.

I’ve also realized that a lot of people ask me who my favorite superhero is (Spider-Man) or which superpower I’d like to have (teleportation), but it’s rare that I get asked which of my characters I relate to the most.

Based on the very super (haha) official quiz that I created, the answer to that question is undoubtedly Abby, but if you’re curious to find out which Morriston hero you are, simply answer the questions below! (All of the names are wayyy better than The Puppy Snuggler, I swear.) Don’t forget to let me know who you got in the comments!

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