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Swoon Author Danika Stone: My AWESOME New York Adventure

There are iconic moments in every author’s life. The first contract. The first book signing. The first fan art to emerge from the depths of the internet.

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Each event carries a special weight, but one has been at the top of my writerly bucket list forever: A trip to New York! It’s been my dream to travel to the Big Apple as an author for as long as I’ve been writing. I’ve spent untold time dreaming up the perfect scenarios of how this would play out. And when Sarvenaz Tash (author of The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love) invited me to be part of the Geeky YA panel at New York Comic Con, that dream finally happened!

In the days before I left, I packed a suitcase of fall clothing as I imagined myself—Mary Tyler Moore-like—dancing through the streets.    

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New York in October would have brisk autumn weather, right?


When I arrived at LaGuardia, I was hit by a wave of heat. Temperatures soared to the 80s, humidity even higher. My smooth hair grew frizzy. I was sweaty… So. Very. Sweaty. 

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Heatwave or not, the JOY of that moment couldn’t be stopped. I had arrived!

Visiting with my editor, Holly, and my long-distance-bestie Emily, I was submerged into a world that many authors only imagine. Yes, I did a few touristy New York things, but far more important were the people I met. At Comic Con I chatted with Lily Anderson (The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You), Sarvenaz Tash (The Geek’s Guide To Unrequited Love), Brian Katcher (TheImprobable Theory of Ana and Zak), and Laurent Linn (Draw The Line). Our Geeky YA Panel was covered by the New York Daily News and The Beat! I connected with readers and fans from across the country who’d made their own fandom pilgrimages to NYCC. Lastly, I had coffee visits with several New York authors who I only knew online. We talked writing for hours!

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In all, my trip to New York was nothing like I expected it to be…

It was BETTER.

So how about you? What events are on your writerly bucket list? Share your answers in the comments below!

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