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Swoon Author Elizabeth Hrib: LOST IN LIMBO Has Found a New Title

Publishing is a complicated business.

The one thing that goes hand-in-hand with that is change. Now, I pride myself on being someone who is adaptable to that kind of change. And yet, there was just one word that came to mind when I found out Lost in Limbo was getting a new title: no. Capital N-to-the-O. Maybe even a heck no!

You have to understand, that after pouring my heart and soul into the pages of this book, I pretty much considered it my child. And how could I possibly give my book-baby away to be renamed? That title was synonymous with my book’s identity. Without it, I was convinced it would never be the same.

And that’s exactly what I didn’t know it needed!

At the time, the thing that worried me more than losing my title was having to come up with a brand new title. Something that would seamlessly replace what was no more. And just like when anything puts you on the spot, my brain was spontaneously empty. After all, what suited the book better than what it was already called? Accepting it as any other name just seemed impossible.

But to my relief, the fantastic team at Swoon Reads already had a suggestion waiting in the wings and as I started my first major round of edits, preparing to re-imagine what the book was, I almost found it easier to do that under a new name. As I typed that new title across the first blank page, I didn’t feel like I was abandoning all the work that had gone into Lost in Limbo with my changes but starting again on a new version. Something akin to an older sister.

So please say hello to:

The Dark In-Between

The cooler, wiser, kick-ass older sister that has emerged after many hours of re-reads and edits. With Emily, my editor, and the team at Swoon, my book not only found a new home but a brand new name to capture all the dark, paranormal goodness inside and I am beyond excited about it.


I have more awesome news. Cover voting starts tomorrow! So prepare yourself, because I am still in complete awe over the amazing selection!

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