Swoon Author Jen Wilde: A Title Change That's Fit for a Queen

When I first came up with the title, What Happens At SupaCon, I loved it. I liked that it sounded like a fangirl version of the old saying "what happens in Vegas," and sparked images of shenanigans and geekery.

What I didn’t consider was that it could also remind readers of The Hangover and other Vegas-themed movies. Don’t get me wrong, The Hangover movies are hilarious and I’ve got nothing against Vegas movies, but let’s just say the shenanigans in those movies are very different from the shenanigans in What Happens At SupaCon.

Something else I didn’t consider was that a lot of people don’t really know what a "con" is. For all my fellow fangirls out there living in a world of superheroes, Winchesters and Pop toys, cons are usually a big part of our world. But for a reader who might be unfamiliar with the wonderful world of film and comic conventions, a title like What Happens At SupaCon might be confusing.

So when the team at Swoon suggested a title change, I got to work. I made a short list of alternate options, and I’m really happy with the one that made the cut. You ready? 

here we go



I love this new title, it’s fun and tells the reader exactly what they’re gonna get when they pick it up off the shelf. After all, Taylor and Charlie really are the Queens of all that is geeky.

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