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Swoon Author Jen Wilde's Editing Update: The Joy of Editing

I have a lot of old stuff sitting in my garage. I know that seems like a strange way to start off a post about editing, but stay with me.

There are boxes of books, clothes, even old furniture that was stored there during my last move. I’d been putting off going through them, but the other day I decided to at least try to get a few boxes sorted. I stood in the garage for the longest time, just staring at the mess. I didn’t know which part to tackle first, which box to start with. It was overwhelming.

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That’s what it feels like staring at an unedited manuscript. You know you’ve got at least some good stuff there, but you need to get rid of the clutter, move some things around, and tidy it all up.

That’s when an editor comes in and helps you push through all that clutter. My editor for The Brightsiders, the wonderful Holly West, is like the Marie Kondō of editing. She took one look at my messy garage of a manuscript and immediately cleared a path for me, so that we could make it shine. 

And, just like with old boxes of stuff, old scenes were moved around, others were unpacked and cleaned up, and some were thrown out completely. Step by step, chapter by chapter, Holly guided me through it until the story was tighter, neater, better.

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So even though it seems like an overwhelming task at first, the end product is well worth it. You need to dig through the trash to find the treasure, and then polish it until it shines.

The Brightsiders is now available for preorder!

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