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Swoon Author Katy Upperman: A Day in the Life of a Nearly Published Author

Hi Swoon Friends! With Kissing Max Holden less than a week from publication (!!!) I thought it’d be fun to share what a day in the life of an almost-published author (also: wife, mom, chef, housekeeper, chauffer, general fire-putter-outer) is like. Here’s how I spent a recent summer weekday…

5:00-7:00 – Work Time: Yes, I really do wake up at 5:00 AM every weekday. This is my most productive work time, and it is sacred. After a quick shower, I sit down at my desk with a hot cup of life-giving coffee and do all of those important author things, like scrolling through Twitter, checking Kissing Max Holden’s Amazon standings, and skimming emails. Then I do actual work. Today, I’m polishing the newsletter I plan to send out on release day, and responding to a few of the emails that have been languishing in my inbox.

7:00-9:00 – Breakfast & Kiddo Time: I have two girlies to look after, Baby and Tween, and they are adorably demanding. We spend the morning eating Eggos and oatmeal and blueberries, drinking juice and more coffee, and playing with Little People. Today, I listen to Sarah Enni’s First Draft Podcast interview with Jennifer E. Smith, author and editor, during kitchen clean up because I try to squeeze professional development in whenever I can.

9:00-10:30 – Swim Team: Tween torpedoes through the water. I take Baby on a walk before trying and failing to respond to more emails on my phone. I end up reading The Pout-Pout Fish aloud exactly thirty two million times, until swim practice wraps up.


10:30-11:30 – Shopping: I’ve got to find something for the girls to wear to my quickly approaching launch party. Obviously I want their outfits to match, and of course it’d be ideal if they coordinate with what I’m planning to wear (Type-A much?). We head for Old Navy where, miraculously, we find the perfect ensembles, plus shoes. The garment gods are smiling down upon us.

11:30-12:30 – Lunch: Normally we eat at home because Baby is noisy and messy, but today we’re out, so we stop at La Madeleine for salads and croissants and strawberries with cream. We giggle and play and spill and eat.

12:45-2:45 – Glorious, Glorious Quiet Time: Tween reads, and iPads, and plays. Baby sleeps. Though I want to sleep, too, I work because falling behind is a constant fear. Today, I’m wrapping up a few Kissing Max Holden interviews, emailing librarians to promote the Kissing Summer Goodbye Tour I’m taking soon, and (*gasp*) brainstorming something new.

2:45-3:30 – The Mundane: Because what is this life if I’m not tossing in a load of laundry, lining dishes in the dishwasher, stacking blocks with Baby, and debating whether makeup is a good idea for Tween’s upcoming birthday party (spoiler alert: it’s not).

3:30-5:30 – Errands, Visit, & Library: We grab a few things from the grocery store and swing by the post office (when am I not mailing books around the country?), then stop at a coffee shop so I can answer a scheduled call with my agent. While we chat about my potential next writing project, I bribe the girls with cookies, a tactic that has a 100% success rate as far as encouraging decent behavior goes. After, we drop Baby off for a visit with her bio family (foster care, y’all… whoa), and then Tween and I head for the library. We grab some new reading material for Baby, because she can go through a stack of board books like nobody’s business, and pick out Alex Gino’s George for Tween, who’s working toward her Summer Reading Program goal. Then we get to pick up Baby, which is always the best.    


5:30-8:00 – Dinner & Family Time: Growing up, we always sat down to dinner at the table, and that’s a tradition I maintain with my own little family (except on Fridays, because those are pizza/movie nights, and we eat on the couch, and it’s awesome). Tonight, though, we have boring leftovers (as much as I love to bake, I hate cooking dinner!). After, when it’s finally cooled off a little, we head out for a walk. Then we play, play, play until Baby tuckers herself (and the rest of us) out.

8:00-9:00 – Downtime: My husband gets Baby bathed and into bed while Tween watches something ridiculous and laugh-track-y on the Disney Channel, and I sign swag for my Kissing Max Holden Preorder Incentive Giveaway. These are the day’s final moments of motivation, so I attempt to use them wisely.

9:00-10:00 – Reading: My husband and daughter are working their way through the Harry Potter series together, and I’m reading Sarah Nicole Lemon’s Done Dirt Cheap, so we take to our respective corners to get lost in our books. 


10:00 – Bedtime: You guys, I know my bedtime probably seems grandmotherly, but by this time, I can barely keep my eyes open. Occasionally my husband and I will catch up on Homeland or Game of Thrones together, but more often than not, by ten, I’m sleeping peacefully (or having irrational nightmares about Kissing Max Holden’s release. You know, like a normal author).

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