Swoon Author Kiara London: Slow Burns are Torture and I Live for Them

Kiss Cam came out this week! So, let's talk romance, shall we?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good slow burn. Ron and Hermione? My childhood depended on that happening. Anne and Gilbert? Come on, we all knew it was meant to be. Bellamy and Clarke? Trust me, it's end game. Stiles and Lydia? Took me a while to get on board, but once I was on I was on for life.

I live for the torture, okay? There is something incredibly addictive about chemistry that takes its time to react. It makes the relationship that ensues that much more rewarding for the characters and for the audience. It's a sigh of contentment, a nod of approval, and tears—because, well, feels

you love each other gif

Maybe it was predictable, maybe you were just hopeful, but the shipping was real. So, what makes a good slow burn? What gets you invested enough to stay for the long haul?

1. Chemistry

  • The way they feed off each other's energy
  • Body language
  • Intensity

2. Little Moments

  • Remembering details about each other nobody else does
  • Sharing deep/personal conversations
  • Showing vulnerability

3. Grand Gestures

  • Self-sacrifice
  • Proclamations of love

4. Trust/Loyalty

  • They'd die for each other, basically
  • They always come back together and stand up for each other

5. Sexual Tension

  • OMG, did they just glance at each other's lips???
  • Those heart eyes, though!?
  • Touchy much???

You will not abandon your slow burn love, no matter what anyone else says. 

i will go down with this ship gif

Are you a lover of the slow burn trope or are you more of a love-at-first-sight person? What are your favorite slow burns?

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