Swoon Author Kiara London: Started Writing On Wattpad Now We Here

Hi, y'all!

Long time, no talk! I've popped by to chat with you today because my book Kiss Cam is coming to a bookstore near you this month (October 18th, to be exact!).

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Kiss Cam is very special to me because, not only was I in high school when I wrote it, but it was a book I originally posted on Wattpad. And, when I started posting content on Wattpad I didn't think it would ever be good enough for bookstores. However, thanks to my amazing readers, my biggest dream is coming true. Like Cady in Mean Girls, I want to break this metaphorical tiara into a thousand pieces and give a piece to all of you.

My Wattpad people have seen first hand the transformation that Kiss Cam has gone through. I first uploaded the book in parts over the span of eight months. In my opinion, uploading a story in bits and pieces for an audience to see does make a difference in the way the story gets written. For Kiss Cam this was awesome. Reading their ideas inspired the story's development and gave me a fresh perspective. Fans of WereVloggingHere in the book got shaped by my own readers. I stole comments direct from the comment section and even asked if I could incorporate my readers' usernames. In that way, Kiss Cam truly is the community's book. And, thanks to the amazing readers on Swoon Reads, the community has expanded.

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People sometimes tell me the book was made too entirely for the internet. It was created on the internet for the internet about the internet—and people who aren't on the internet? Well, they're just not going to get it.

Fair enough, but this is what I have to say about that: There are so many amazing authors writing on Wattpad, Swoon Reads, and various other online writing sites and this just goes to show that if a book like Kiss Cam can make it to the shelves—well, any book can.

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