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Swoon Author Maggie Ann Martin's Editing Update: Have No Fear

Whenever I heard a writer friend talk about getting that first edit letter, I imagined a very loud “dun, dun, dunnnn” and a crack of thunder and lightning above their head. Edit letters were big, meaty documents road-mapping how to Frankenstein your book baby into something new. I dreaded it. I had no idea what to expect until I got that first edit letter in my inbox.

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I sat on that first email from my lovely editor, Emily, for a whole day, too afraid to jump in. I was convinced that I would start to feel the time it would take to change things sinking into my bones and that my anxiety would skyrocket.

I. Was. So. Wrong.

Remember when I mentioned that Emily is lovely? It’s because she is. Of course she wouldn’t rip the manuscript to shreds. She took every moment to explain how ideas and changes could only make it stronger. And actually, I read through the entire letter nodding my head and verbally confirming that all of her ideas were right on the money.

I was excited to jump into edits!

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Editing actually became my favorite part of the process. By getting to reimagine scenes from a new lens and with new perspectives was fun. I came up with ways to reward myself for hitting word count milestones or finishing out a tricky edit to a scene (mostly with mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). I developed a system for better organizing my ideas and tracking the changes throughout the manuscript. I actually felt more organized and like I was accomplishing more as a writer than I ever had before. 

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So, what I’m trying to say is, if you’re putting off the editing process because it scares the heck out of you, don’t. You’ll become a much stronger and more confident writer because of it, and you’ll see your book baby flourish into something you never dreamed it could be.

I can’t wait for you all to see the edited version of The Big F. I’m really proud of what it has become through the power of editing (and peanut butter and chocolate candy).   

The Big F is now available for preorder!

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