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Swoon Author Samantha Hastings' Editing Update: Going the Rounds

My first edit letter for The Last Word was 10 pages long! When I read for it the first time, it felt like a knockout punch. After I picked myself up off of the floor, I decided to focus on the edit letter one page at a time. I put on my metaphorical boxing gloves and began training.

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For Round 1, my incredible editor, Emily Settle—definitely my “corner man” in the writing ring—helped me clarify my character’s motivations and smooth out the romantic arc. She suggested that I break the romance into three acts that didn’t necessarily need to be equal in length. She also gave individual suggestions for each chapter. Thanks to her input, I ended up adding a couple of chapters and deleting 8,867 words!


I was “on the ropes” for Round 2 and moved on to line edits. “Line Edits” mean that instead of looking at the overall draft, I focused on each individual line. Emily asked me to add a line here, take a word out there, or expand a section that felt too abrupt. She used Track Changes in Microsoft Word and helped me see the small technical changes and her comments in the margins.

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By Round 3, I felt like an editing prizefighter. This draft included more “light” line edits and two medium-sized changes. One edit Emily requested was to remove “the flashback” and to have the narrative happen in chronological order.

About two weeks after I turned Draft 3 in, I got an email from Emily saying that I was going to copyediting. I was so glad that I hadn’t thrown in the towel. The editing process isn’t always easy and you’ll take some punches, but I’m so grateful that I went through the editing rounds. My book is now its best version yet. Time to do my Rocky Balboa victory dance!

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The Last Word goes on sale July 9, but it's available to preorder now! (And don't forget to add it to your Goodreads shelf!)

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