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Swoon Author Shana Silver: REVERSE Has a Cool New Title!

I’ve never been attached to titles. In fact, I changed my own first name when I turned eighteen because I’d decided I was done with the one on my birth certificate. It no longer fit me. I’d grown up with a very common first name and there were at least five other girls in each of my classes with my same first name. I felt I deserved better, something more unique, something that really truly captured who I am. So on my first day of college, I decided to switch it up. I introduced myself as my middle name, Shana, because I liked how different it was from the names I was used to. From that point forward, I’ve never looked back.

That’s why I wasn’t too attached to my original title, Reverse. It’s been with me since the very first draft, but like my first name, it was time for a change. While the title Reverse fit early drafts of the book really well, the book had changed a lot over the course of revisions. During edits, I removed the very plot point that gave me the original title. It no longer made sense as a title and it didn’t quite give off the right vibe of "cool science" mixed with "fun!"

Tasked with brainstorming new titles, I tried to come up with a list that hit on the right notes. My book is about a girl who must band together with a boy she doesn’t remember to stop a hacker from deleting their memories. My main character, Arden, is a bad ass computer genius herself who needs to stay one step ahead of her hacker at all times. I needed a title that hit on the sci-fi aspects of the book but also spoke to the fun cat and mouse game that forces Arden to go toe to toe (or touchpad to touchpad, as the case may be) against the hacker.

While we did initially land on a different title, after trying it on, that one turned out to be not quite right either. Back to the drawing board we went! Ultimately, the fabulous Swoon team sat down and brainstormed the perfect title for my book. The new title is:

Mind Games

I absolutely love the play on words here and how Mind Games works on so many levels within the book. What levels, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to read and find out!

Come back on Monday for cover voting!

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