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Swoon Reads Author Shani Petroff: 'Tis the Season

My New Crush Gave to Me takes place in Connecticut during the month of December. I had so much fun getting in the Christmas spirit while I worked on the book. I listened to holiday music, I watched movies, I thought back on all my holiday experiences. The book is filled with a lot of Christmas moments. In Connecticut, that often also includes cold weather, snow, and jackets and sweaters galore.

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I incorporated all of that—along with ugly sweater parties...

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tree decorating, gingerbread houses, Christmas lights and more!

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I got really caught up in all of it. In fact, while I was working on the book, I pulled on my winter jacket to head outside—and then I remembered it was summer. And it was HOT! Really hot. The book may take place during the winter, but I did a good chunk of the writing during other seasons.

I pulled off my coat and laughed. 

I one-hundred percent thought it was winter. The book had pulled me right back into the holidays.

And I hope it will do the same for you! Christmas may be over, but when you’re craving a taste of it, just sit back, read some chapters and experience that holiday spirit all over again!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! 

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