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Welcome back to Swoon Spotlight! Our daily feature where we introduce you to a Swoon Reads staff member, who has volunteered their time, energy, and enthusiasm to the imprint–while still being amazing at their regular jobs! This week we are shining the spotlight on Kathryn L. Check back every day this week at 2 p.m. to learn more about Kathryn, her job, and her thoughts on life in publishing.

What made you want to be involved with Swoon Reads?

I’m definitely a long time reader of teen romance. And I am a nerd and like working on big new projects.

What do you like most about working with books for young adults?

I have this little part of me that hopes if we publish just one good book that young adult who reads it might keep reading forever. So many adults stop reading when they finish school–and they shouldn’t! A former boss gave me a beautiful paperweight with a quote from Garrison Keillor that captures the sentiment: “Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.”

What’s your favorite genre of romance?

Contemporary, or, more specifically, “sick lit.” If someone in the book has an illness, I’m going to need to read it. I like to cry while I’m reading and I also like to learn about symptoms I should be looking for. (I know, I’m crazy.)

What’s the first romance you ever read?

I think it may have been “Don’t Die, My Love” by Lurlene McDaniel. I really loved all the books where someone was struck down with a terrible disease. Lurlene made me the hypochondriac I am today! I got to tell her that in person once and it seemed like I wasn’t the only one.

This one time at Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, I met Lurlene McDaniel!

This one time at Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, I met Lurlene McDaniel!

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