Swoon Spotlight: Miriam M — YA Romance

As part of our ongoing effort to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of publishing, we have a new feature on our blog: Swoon Spotlight! Every week we’re going to introduce you to a Swoon Reads staff member, who has volunteered their time, energy, and enthusiasm to the imprint–while still being amazing at their regular jobs! This week we are shining the spotlight on Miriam M. Check back every day this week at 2 p.m. to learn more about Miriam, her job, and her thoughts on life in publishing.

What made you want to be involved with Swoon Reads?

It’s a chance for me to go outside my department a little bit and work closely with colleagues from all over the kids’ group. And it’s a new kind of venture that hasn’t been tried before. Very exciting!

What do you like most about working with books for young adults?

Everything is heightened and breathless and exotic and beautiful. And then the moments of quiet stand out even more. They’re really fun.

What’s your favorite genre of romance?

Oh, this one’s hard. I love a good dystopian novel if the world-building is strong. I also fall head over heels for contemporary realistic fiction with great characters, like Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park.

What was the first romance you ever read?

Judy Blume’s Forever.

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