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As part of our ongoing effort to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of publishing, we have a new feature on our blog: Swoon Spotlight! Every week we’re going to introduce you to a Swoon Reads staff member, who has volunteered their time, energy, and enthusiasm to the imprint—while still being amazing at their regular jobs! This week we are featuring Tamarra H. Check back on Wednesday to learn more about Tamarra, her job, and her thoughts on life in publishing.

What is your official title?

Sales Coordinator, focusing on paperbacks, young adult, and children’s books.

My “Goodie Closet” where I stash all my bookmarks, posters, and tote bags for bookstore and library events!

Briefly describe your job?

I support 19 indie bookstore sales representatives, who are stationed all across the country. I provide them with sales and marketing support, including Advanced Reading Copies of books (ARC’s) and promotional materials like posters, bookmarks, totes, and goodie bags for events. I create and send email blasts for “big books” that are going on-sale soon—books like Louise Penny’s HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN and Marissa Meyer’s 3rd installment to her Cinder series: CRESS. It’s a fun job and I’ve learned a lot about publishing, sales, & marketing during my time here.

How long have you been in your current position?

3 years.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The email blasts I send to the entire sales force highlighting high profile and interesting books is my favorite part! These email blasts contain “clickable” information—links to websites—that can easily be used on social media sites. The email blasts also include short summaries of articles, book reviews, YouTube videos, blogs, and trailers from major national media sources like The New York Times and National Public Radio (NPR) for some of our big books. The term “big book” refers to titles that we, the publisher, plan to print A LOT of copies of in preparation for large anticipated sales. The author could be very well-known with a great track record, or maybe it’s a novel we feel will be a break-out hit! The emails take a lot of editorial and copy-editing work, and the project allows me to utilize my writing and communication skills very well!

What’s your least favorite part of your job?

Packing and unpacking boxes–boo!

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