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Swoon Update: Not Everything Can Be Five Hearts

Hey Swooners!

Wow! Just a few weeks into launch and we’ve already seen a lot of activity from you guys. From commenting to uploading, you’ve shown us that you wanted a site like Swoon Reads just as much as we did. However, we haven’t just been twiddling our thumbs since we launched. We’ve been gathering feedback and working to make the site better than ever, starting with our new and improved manuscript page!

With new manuscripts being added every day, there’s simply not enough hours in the day for us to read through them all. While we have no doubt that there are some special manuscripts on the site, we are counting on you to tell us which those are. To do this, you must rate the manuscripts honestly. If a manuscript was perfect as is and made you swoon, then by all means give it a five heart rating. But, if you thought it was good (it just needed some work), then go ahead and give it a three heart rating. And then, share those comments and suggestions with the authors. Constructive criticism from a discerning reader is much more helpful to an aspiring writer than false praise.

In order to make the Heart Rating system easier to understand we’ve tweaked the manuscript page.

Update #1

You can still find the average rating a manuscript has under the author’s name, but we’ve also added a larger, more central set of hearts for your rating.

Update #2

And to make the system clearer, when you move your mouse over the hearts, each one tells you what it means to us. If you’re still unsure, click on the “What is this?” link in the corner of the rating box. This will give you a fuller explanation of the Heart Rating system:


Did you enjoy this novel? Best book ever? Not so much? Let us know whether or not YOU think it’s worth publishing. The act of rating a manuscript is a vote of confidence. But not everything can be five stars! Please use the evaluation scale below as your guide: (least to most)

 ♥ Wasn’t for me

♥♥ It was ok

♥♥♥ I Liked it

♥♥♥♥ I Loved it


Once you make your choice, you’ll always be able to see how you rated a manuscript. Your rating comes up as purple hearts, letting you know at a quick glance if you’ve already rated the manuscript. And don’t worry…if you change your mind, you can easily change your rating with a simple click.

Update #3

These rating’s and comments are really the heart of Swoon Reads. Not only are they helping us, but they’re helping you guys become better readers and writers. We want our users to get as much out of Swoon as possible. If you have any questions, let us know.

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