The Heart Circles Cover: April’s Cover Design for A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT

Each of our designers has created a cover concept for A Little Something Different and we’re counting on you to choose which one actually goes on the book! Designer April W. added two very different cover approaches to the mix, and today, she’s going to tell you how she came up with this fabulous cover approach:

I loved that Gabe and Lea were so in tune to one another’s presence in A Little Something Different. They noticed when the other walked into a room even though they were rarely comfortable enough to actually approach each other, and that aspect felt very realistic to me. For this cover direction I wanted to try to show the awkward tension between the two characters who are being drawn to each other and framed by a gentle encouragement that they can’t see. I tried to make the image look like they want to be together but don’t know how. So I showed them sitting closely (but awkwardly) on the bench, just barely touching legs and looking pretty uncomfortable. All they have to do is look up or reach over slightly and they could be together, but it’s hard to tell if they will.


If you love what April’s doing here, let us know by leaving a comment and voting for this cover direction. And remember, this is a cover direction, not the final cover, so if you have suggestions for making it even more Swoonworthy, share it in the comments!

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