The Love Life of: Emmett from Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth is a show about two teenage girls who find out that the hospital… switched them at birth! I bet you didn’t see that coming! Maybe you did, you smarty. Bay and Daphne, the two teenagers in question have led very different lives, and a lot of that comes up in the first season, which is primarily about how the two families decide to live together in order to get to know the other daughter/family they were “supposed” to have.

Bay Kennish grew up in a very wealthy family, goes to private school, and loves art. On the other side of town, Daphne Vasquez grew up in a working class area with a single mother, and as a result of catching meningitis at age 3, is deaf. Daphne knows Emmett from their school, Carlton (which is a school for the Deaf). We’re talking about Emmett today. Yes, the shock! The love life of a BOY!

The Love Life of Emmett Bledsoe!

switched emmettI read that when they were casting for this part they wanted a “Deaf James Dean” and clearly the world delivered.

Background Information:

One thing about Switched at Birth (sidenote: I’m already noticing this post might be less funny because it’s harder to make jokes when I just straight-up admire this show) is that a portion of the main characters only use American Sign Language (Daphne is vocal, so she speaks her dialogue as she signs), and Emmett is one of them. When the characters are signing, instead of having another character interpret, the show gives us SUBTITLES! They expect their audience to read! It’s so refreshing. As the show goes on, the number of scenes that are entirely in ASL has grown… here’s a good example, and one episode last year was ENTIRELY in subtitled ASL.

So maybe it requires more effort to watch (or just a different type of effort) but the point is that you should check it out.

Prospect #1: Daphne Vasquez (Swoon Level: The “Best Friend”)

switched daphne

Yes, you guessed it, Emmett’s prospects are going to be both of the switched girls.

I really like Daphne, as she’s positive, enthusiastic, and a go-getter, and she’s one of those people that EVERYONE loves. And I mean literally everyone. I think she could walk in to the the Google headquarters and get offered a job, regardless of the fact that she’s only 18, has yet to graduate from high school, and has no background in programming. You just want her on your team. Obviously, Emmett was in love with her for eight years prior to the start of this show, and in typical high school girl form, Daphne was either oblivious or pretending to be oblivious. And then, Bay and Emmett start seeming like they might have something, and Daphne gets capital-J Jealous.

She tells him that she likes him in one of my favorite all-ASL scenes from the show:



Later Emmett basically calls her out on her terrible timing and Daphne steps back to let Bay and Emmett have a relationship.

Prospect #2: Bay Kennish (Swoon Level: How am I supposed to fall for someone else when you do things like that?)

switched bay

If you recognize the actress who plays Bay (Vanessa Marano), it might be because about nine years ago she showed up on Gilmore Girls to ruin Gilmore Girls Luke and Lorelai. The fact that I’ve forgiven her for that (the most terrible of sins) shows you how great Bay Kennish is.

Bay is the opposite of Daphne in every way. She’s sarcastic, snarky, rolls her eyes all the time, and is, in general, very teenager-y. When she first meets Emmett, he rides in on his motorcycle, and she’s like… WHO IS THIS PERFECT SPECIMEN WITH A MOTORCYCLE, but then they realize that they are both interested in art (she’s into street art, he’s into photography) and they are basically the perfect couple.

But then. Emmett CHEATED ON HER. NO! He tries really hard to get her back, which results in these two heartbreaking scenes, which I included because I think they exemplify their relationship better than any scene from when they were together:



Emmett apologizes to Bay with a street art timeline of their relationship (stop it):



Bay confronts Emmett about his aforementioned street art timeline and basically says that he’s “Ruined every other relationship I’m ever gonna have. How I am supposed to fall for someone else when you do things like that?” (ouch)

They are until now unable to get back together because they are currently the living breathing embodiment of the Taylor Swift song “I Almost Do.” In a related note, if I could spend the rest of my life equating life events to various TSwift songs I’d do it in a minute.

I mean, sure, Bay and Emmett have been in other relationships with other people since then, but I refuse to acknowledge them. They’ll get back together eventually. Yes, I’m one of those girls who are so crazy about their OTP that they refuse to see other options.

Do you watch Switched at Birth? Are you gonna start? Do you ship Bay and Emmett? How about now? *twirls knife*

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