The Love Life of: Lady Greer from Reign

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Reign is a TV show ostensibly about Mary Queen of Scots, but you’ll enjoy the show quite a bit more if you believe it to take place in an alternate universe where it is simultaneously 2013  and 1557, and the main character happens to be named Mary. Think more Gossip Girl and less Downton Abbey. The theme song is by the Lumineers if that gives you any indication of where this is going.

But I’m not going to be talking about the love life of Mary (Queen of Scots) today! No, we are talking about…

The Love Life of Lady Greer!

reign greer








Here she is! She wears green a lot. I wonder if it’s because “Greer” is only one letter off from “green” and that way the audience can remember her name?

Greer is one of Mary’s four ladies-in-waiting, and maybe if this show gets renewed I’ll do profiles on all of them! (spoiler alert…or maybe not)

reign ladies








Ladies-in-Waiting L to R: Kenna, Lola, Aylee, and Greer

Background Information:

I know little to nothing about life for French/Scottish (?) aristocrats in the 16th century, and this show doesn’t particularly help all that much, but what I’ve gathered is that unlike the other ladies-in-waiting, and even though she’s rich, Greer isn’t “titled” so she really needs to marry a “titled” man so she can help her mom, dad, and four sisters rise in society. Or something. New money problems? Some preliminary google searches tell me that’s why Greer over-accessorizes, as a way of overcompensating.

It’s heartbreaking because she’s just starting to think she might want something different from what she is expected to want. I need a man with a title! Greer will think, while staring at someone else entirely and wondering if there are such luxurious things as options for girls like her. I’m not like you all. I cannot afford mistakes.

Prospect #1: Portuguese Bastard Prince Tomas (Swoon Level: Is Secretly Using You To Get To Your Friends)

He’s so pointless I’m not even including a screencap of him.

Now, you can tell this show feels a little under the gun because they went through this particular storyline REALLY quickly. Basically there’s a Portuguese Sorta-Prince(?) named Tomas and Greer’s title hunger rears it’s head and she goes after him! But he’s also good looking and nice, so she asks the cooking staff (this will be important later) to pack a picnic for them.

In the end, Mary ends up throwing herself in the ring for Tomas for alliance reasons (she REALLY needs more men at the Scottish border and Tomas can help her if she marries him and gives him Timber–the Pitbull/Ke$ha song. Tomas is a big fan! No, I’m kidding, I mean wood of course). So Tomas proposes to Mary and Greer is sad! Way more happens with Tomas (he ends up being a TERRIBLE PERSON), but it all has to do with Mary and since she’s not the subject of this post, we’ll stop here.

Prospect #2: Baker Boy Leith (Swoon Level: Double Infinity Tattoo From Revenge)


reign leith








Leith in the rustic kitchen

So if you remember I said that Greer went down to the kitchen and asked for a picnic, well Leith is the servant who makes it for her! He is clearly interested in her but she is all Tomas! so she doesn’t really pay attention.

But then! Later when the prince proposes to Mary, Greer is sad and goes to return the basket of pastries and cheese to Leith and they eat it together BY CANDLELIGHT and she tells him about her family and he tells her about his and <3<3<3


reign kitchen








This kitchen is really romantically lit

And that’s not even the cutest thing they do. In a later episode she’s watching him work in the kitchen and mentions that she doesn’t know how to do anything (not even cook an egg!) and that the only thing her family values in her is her ability to smile at men.


Leith then calls her over and teaches her how to cook an egg. It’s adorable.


reign greith








Show me how to flip an omelet in this ridiculously photogenic kitchen, please.

And then we had the mid-season finale.

I’m not sure why I set this up like it was going to be a contest between two suitors. Greer and Leith are adorable and I’m already bracing myself for when this all goes south in the second half of the first season.

Oh and if you need more of an incentive to watch this show back Jan 23rd on the CW!, that frying pan she’s holding to flip the omelet? Later in the episode, she goes full Rapunzel and kills someone with it.

Is anyone else watching Reign? Did you watch the CRAZY mid-season finale? Please let us know! It would make Swoon staffer Summer’s day, that’s for sure. She needs someone to gush with.

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