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I watch the Mindy Project, so therefore I am very heavily invested in it. It is my baby and I will lift school buses off of it if necessary. This won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me in person, as I become fairly invested in all the shows I watch (even the pretty terrible ones, RIP MTV Skins), but I especially feel the need to defend ones that are attacked for stupid reasons.


I once read an article (which of course, I can’t find, leading me to believe that I either had a nightmare that this article existed, or its impact was so negligible and fleeting that Google can’t even find it… hoping it’s the latter) that attacked The Mindy Project because there were “too many boyfriends” and it made Mindy seem pathetic and desperate. And that they were tired of it. Tired of all the boyfriends.

Hold up. The fact that Mindy has had a “lot of boyfriends” is my favorite thing about her. I’ll tell you why… but first, let me tell you about my favorite Taylor Swift song. We’ll get back to Mindy, I promise.

Favorite Taylor Swift song? I know, what an insane idea, there’s no easy answer, we’ll be here for 5 days, etc. But today, for the purpose of this blog, let’s pretend that my favorite Taylor Swift song is Fifteen. Okay, to be more specific, my favorite line from a Taylor Swift song is from Fifteen. That statement is actually probably true. That’s right, out of the hours and hours (more like days, probably) that I’ve spent listening to the entire discography of T-Swift, I have a favorite 10 seconds. Are you ready? Here it is:

And then you’re on your very first date and he’s got a car

And you’re feeling like flying

You know those people who write defenses of YA books and YA romances and say that people make fun of them for reading YA books as an adult? No one has ever asked me why I read YA books. Maybe it’s because everything about me screams “I LOVE TEENAGERY STUFF” so my reading of YA books makes more sense than anything else. That’s probably true. But I know what I would say if anyone asked. I would say, “Well you know that Taylor Swift song, Fifteen?” And then they would probably turn to walk away, but before they were out of earshot I would yell after them “BECAUSE THEN YOU’RE ON YOUR VERY FIRST DATE AND HE’S GOT A CAR AND YOU’RE FEELING LIKE FLYING!”


You know?

There’s this constant talk of “endgame” in the various tumblr fandoms I’ve observed (what a sentence…). Endgame is, for the uninitiated, which characters are going to end up together. In the end. Because that’s what matters, right? It’s probably one of the reasons why everyone needed the Veronica Mars movie to happen. Because Veronica and Logan HAD TO END UP TOGETHER. It really wasn’t done until that happened.

But… and here’s the crazy part. Even if they hadn’t, would it have made it any less real, or romantic, their story? Maybe Logan and Veronica both ended up with other people but when they were together they were feeling like flying.

I love stories where the protagonist dates a lot of people. Where they get to fly a lot, with a lot of different people. Especially when more than one of them was significant. Really, isn’t that one of the great things about YA books? You don’t know if the characters will stay together FOREVER or not, and it doesn’t really matter? The fact that it might end when they go to college doesn’t change how beautiful the story is. At least it doesn’t for me.

Taylor Swift and Mindy Lahiri both fall in love with people all the time. It’s one of my favorite things about them, and I think it’s a lovely character trait that should happen more often. And not in a “you need to kiss a lot of frogs” way either, but in a way that while the relationships are happening, they all seem real and important! The way real ones do! In real life! They all meant something to Taylor Swift, I mean, come on, if you’ve ever heard Dear John, you would know that.

Mindy will probably end up with Danny, because, well, she probably will, and maybe Casey was her John Mayer, and Cliff was her Conor Kennedy, but really they are all chapters in the same book, and sometimes how I met your mother is just as important as who the mother is, right? In my opinion, your love story doesn’t start when you get together with the person that you die with, it starts a million little times, over and over again, and most times you don’t die with the guy with the car who made you feel like flying, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear about it. So here’s to hoping Mindy stays with Danny, and at the same time, here’s to hoping she doesn’t, and that we get to see more and more of her dating life. Tell me more, Mindy. I always want to hear about it.

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