The Squirrel Cover: Patrick’s Cover Design for A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT

Each of our designers has created a cover concept for A Little Something Different and we’re counting on you to choose which one actually goes on the book. We know it’s a big decision, so today we’ve asked, Designer Patrick here to tell you how he came up with this original and amusing cover approach:


 As I read A Little Something Different I made notes in the margin about images, themes, or design concepts I might want to explore. I was struck by the unusual presentation of having this love story told by so many points of view. It was fun to hear the opinions of the different voices and I also found the list of narrators hilarious: which included a random bus driver, a bench, and a squirrel. The squirrel really made me laugh so I knew I had to try something with the squirrel, but the design had to be funny and different because of the unusual presentation of the book. The story was light-hearted and I also found humor in the two awkward main characters who missed so many opportunities to get together.


My design incorporates what I felt were main themes in the book: romance, different voices or points of view, humor, and the fact that the book was unique. Having the squirrel speaking the title (shouting it actually) helped to convey humor and also hint at the fact that unexpected characters would narrate the story. The heart background helps to convey the romantic aspect of the book, and the general design is light-hearted. The elements of the design are not typical for a YA romance but this book was different so the cover needed to be a little something different.


If you love what Patrick’s doing here, let us know by leaving a comment and voting for this cover direction. And remember, this is a cover direction, not the final cover, so if you have suggestions for making it even more Swoonworthy, share it in the comments!

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