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Hello Swooners!

We can’t believe October is almost over. It seems as if we just broke out the pumpkins, cider and candy corn, and soon we will be selecting our third list of swoonworthy manuscripts for publication!

As a reminder, this is the last week to get your ratings and reviews in to tell us which stories you love (and why!). After October 31st at midnight EST, our editorial board will be reviewing what you have to say to decide on our next list. All manuscripts submitted on or before September 30th are in the running (but don’t worry if you submitted after September 30th— there will be a fourth list!).

We are looking for you to tell us what you love and to tell writers what they can do to make their manuscript even better (did you just LOVE that one character but want more of them? Tell us— critiques don’t hurt a writer’s chances to get selected, and can even help: we pay more attention to things you are passionate about). Check out our tips for leaving a good critique, or if you aren’t sure where to start, we have some suggestions. 

Swoon Reads is all about finding unforgettable love stories of all genres. It isn’t a contest, it is a place where as a writer you can hone your craft, get valuable feedback, and also get the opportunity to perhaps be published. Remember, while ratings help you get noticed on the site, it’s not the only factor in deciding which manuscripts we publish. Be sure to spread the word this week to get people to start reading, and may the odds be ever in your favor! (We couldn’t resist.)

— The Swoon Reads Team


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