Together Forever? war, vampirism, illness, or even death YA couples always manage to find each other (unless they’re a missed connection or part of that ever popular love triangle). We readers are generally over the moon when our favorite couple is finally able to be together. But what do you think happens then? What happens when you close the book? Does the couple get married and have children? Do they continue to survive and thrive in the world that the author created? We as readers would like to think so. I mean, isn’t that what the romance genre is all about? Finding your soulmate? However, there are some authors who say that accomplishing that, especially when you’re a teenager, hardly ever happens. Even worse, the author states that the couple the reader has been with (possibly for multiple books), may not be destined to live their lives together. When you come across these horrible implications, does it change your opinion of the books? The author? The couple? Or do you just say to heck with it and believe your head cannon is the only one that matters?

I’m going to take a moment and play devil’s advocate here. In a way, these authors have a point. YA couples have a lot longer to be together than an adult couple usually has and a lot can happen in that time. In addition to that, these YA couples live in pretty messed up worlds so anything could happen. Plus, let’s not forget that people change as they go through life and have different experiences and so may not be compatible with their partner.

Ok, ok put your torches out and your pitchforks away. I suppose I should start trying to answer these questions myself. When the couple kisses on the last page, I admit I’m on cloud 9, especially if it’s a book like Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and finding a way for the couple to be together was 80% of the story. For the most part, yeah, I imagine the couple staying together forever. I think the reason why we readers like to imagine our couples staying together is because, if they don’t, it’s a waste of what they went through and that’s more depressing than the couple never getting together in the first place. “Yes, we flouted conventions and stressed our friends and family to the breaking point to be together, but, now, I just don’t like you anymore.”

I guess the question is do you believe the author’s word is law concerning their works? Maybe I’m asking questions that don’t really matter. Everyone reads a book differently and sometimes they (maybe most of the time) don’t read it the way the author intended. Maybe all that really matters is that we enjoy the book however we want. I mean the author can’t be mad at us for that, right? Anyway, for now we have authors like Beth Revis who champion her couple through darkness, possible death….and even her editor.*

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— By Drucilla S.


*Spoiler Warning!*

Beth Revis’ editor wanted Elder to stay dead but Revis adamantly argued for his resurrection at the end of the book. She felt they deserved a happy ending.

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