Top 10 Book Scenes I'd Want to Watch in Person

Think of your favorite book, now think of your favorite scene. I love when a particular moment on the page stays with me. But even though a great book creates an intimate relationship with the reader, there are some epic scenes I would absolutely love to experience as a silent bystander, tucked away in the corner or as a fly on the wall.

Here’s my list of top ten book scenes I’d love to see in real life!

1.) At the chocolate factory with Charlie and Grandpa Joe, when they eat candy grass, mushrooms and tea cups with Willy Wonka.

2.) When Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and she turns him down. BAM!

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3.) Being rocked by Aunt Beast in A Wrinkle in Time. (I love a good nap in space.)

4.) Every Christmas feast at Hogwarts.


5.) When Laurie in Stranger With My Face returns from astral projecting to find her evil twin sister, Lia, has taken over her body. Yikes! I was terrified when I read it the first time, but it was such a good scene. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

6.) When Anne hits Gilbert Blythe over the head with the slate. I'd holler from the back of the schoolhouse, "Go, redheads!"


7.) When Laura Ingalls sees Almanzo Wilder for the first time in The Long Winter. *heart swells* Even though she was more smitten with his friend, Cap Garland... still, I smile every time.

8.) The entire fifteenth chapter of The Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry wins the quidditch cup by beating Slytherin.

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9.) When Elizabeth Bennet has the showdown with Lady Catherine de Bourgh in the garden."He is a gentleman and I'm a gentleman's daughter, therefore we are equal." How Elizabeth kept her wits in this scene is beyond commendable.

10.) To be alongside Lucy when she walks through the wardrobe for the first time. Narnia!


What are some of your favorite scenes that you'd want to see in person?

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