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A Tour of New York City for Book-Lovers

When I come across a place that is perfect for reading or somewhere that reminds me of one of my favorite books, I instantly feel like a kid in a candy store. There are so many different bookstores, parks, fan clubs to choose from. Each one has its own personality and something that makes it special. Although New York is known for its popular tourist attractions and entertainment, many people make sure to find time for checking out all of these wonderful places in the city.

Here’s a list of some of the most well known places in New York that book lovers will love!

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Strand Book Store


It is only right that we start with one of the most well-known bookstores in the world, the Strand. Whether you’re there to find the latest book that’s trending or a hidden gem from the $1 cart, there will always be something there that matches your interests.

With 18 miles of books, it is easy to lose track of time while immersing yourself in magical worlds that the authors created. To explore Strand on your own, head over to the corner of 12th Street and Broadway.

Harry Potter NYC – The Group That Shall Not Be Named

Have you been searching for fellow members of your Hogwarts House? Well, look no further. This Harry Potter fan club is the largest in the world and goes by “The Group That Shall Not Be Named.” They meet the 1st Thursday of every month and also have special events almost monthly. Some of their events include trivia nights, cosplay photoshoots, fan fiction readings, and much more.

The New York Public Library


For more than 100 years, The New York Public Library (NYPL) has been home to over 10 million works of literature, different cultural events, and classes. The Rose Main Reading Room is a popular attraction for travelers and locals. Of course it is, because who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by breathtaking architecture while reading?

Library cards are free to those who live, work, attend school, or pay property taxes in New York State. With a library card, one has access to check out books, use the computers, and much more.

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

For a quieter outing, try visiting the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage located in the Bronx. This is where the iconic poet spent his last years. Poe wrote some of his most famous poems here, such as “The Bells,” “Eureka,” and “Annabel Lee.” The cottage sits on Poe Park, where there are regular family events.

Bryant Park


Bryant Park annually offers over 1,000 free activities and classes such as juggling, compost concierge, and fiction writing. This is a great place to catch up on reading or check out a free movie. The Reading Room at the park is a program that presents a wide range of educational and exciting things to do. Some popular events held in the Reading Room are Poem in Your Pocket Day and different spelling bees.

Can you think of any spots in New York that the ultimate book-lover would swoon over?

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