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Hey Swoon Readers,

We know that we’ve got quite a few new members, and we’ve noticed a little confusion lately about the Swoon Index, so we just wanted to take a second to clarify how it works.

The Swoon Index is another way that you can let other readers get a feel for specific traits of a manuscript. That way readers who are looking for a funny read or something that will make them cry can tell ahead of time if a manuscript is a good fit. Were the love scenes hot and intense? Then click on heat. Did the story make you cry? Then click the tears button.  The number on each panel is the total number of readers who’ve chosen that trait.

FAQ Swoon index

The Swoon Index will help other readers see if a manuscript is right for them. For example, if I’m in the mood for something funny, I know that something with a Laughs index of 20 is probably a better choice than something with a high Tears index. Useful, right? And, for Writers, it’s a great way to see if your work is coming across the way you intended.

We’ve seen that readers, perhaps in a bit to support a writer they enjoyed, have a tendency to click all four traits on the Swoon Index. While there are books out there that are super hot, funny, action packed and sad at the same time, they tend to be rare. And, sadly, falsely labeling a book Tears, when it didn’t make you cry, isn’t helpful to anyone. And in fact, it could actually hurt the book.



Take the example above. Looking at these numbers, it’s hard to get a sense of what this book really is. However, if I’m in the mood for a hot book, but don’t want to cry, I would probably avoid reading this manuscript, and instead search for something that doesn’t have quite so many people in tears.

We know that when you are excited about a book, you want to rate it with as many things as possible, but just as your honest ratings and reviews are the heart of the site, your honest evaluation of a manuscripts Swoon Index is also important! And, don’t worry if you’ve accidentally indexed something incorrectly. Just go back to the manuscript page and click the Swoon Index tab again to change your choices.

Thanks for participating in our community and keep on reading, Swooners!

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