What Supernatural Power Should You Have?

If you are anything like me, you take at least three Buzzfeed quizzes a day. What City Should You Live In? What Animal Should You Be? What Dessert Food Are You? What Disney Princess Are You? More specifically, What Frozen Character Are You?  The list goes on. I have yet to stumble across a What Supernatural Power Should You Have quiz, and that’s fine by me because I already know the answer. If I could have a supernatural power, I would totally be a witch.

Like most girls who grew up in the early ‘90s, I absolutely idolize Melissa Joan Hart. Clarissa Explains It All is hands down the best show ever (how COOL was her room!?!) and if I had cable I would probably regularly watch Melissa and Joey, so it is no surprise that I can trace my aspiration to become a witch back to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. My dad is a huge comic book fan, and growing up my sister and I had a few Sabrina comics kicking around, but it wasn’t until the TV show debuted in 1996 as part of ABC’s T.G.I.F. line-up that I really felt the pull.

T.G.I.F. hit its peak long before the days of DVR, so instead I would record the show on VHS tapes so I could go back later and watch and re-watch the episodes. I still have all the VHS tapes, though now I can watch the full series on Hulu instead. I was obsessed.  I wanted to dress just like Sabrina, I wanted my room to look just like her’s (my sister and I shared a room growing up, so in addition to wanting to be a witch I just also really wanted my own room),  I wanted to move to Massachusetts, I have two Aunts who I thought would have made perfect eccentric guardians, and most importantly I really wanted to wake up on my 16th birthday and discover that I came from a long line of witches and that it was time to start training for my witch’s license. At 13 I never really wanted a driver’s license, but a witch’s license? Now that was something to aspire to.

Sadly, 16 came and went without any such revelations, but I am not discouraged.  Since Sabrina there have been many other sources of inspiration to keep my love of witches going. Most recently it’s been Josephine Angelini’s forthcoming Trial by Fire, and before that both Franny Billingsley’s Chime and Jessica Spotswood’s Cahill Witch Chronicles have provided me with further evidence that witches belong at the top of the paranormal food chain. You can keep your vampires, your necromancers, your shape shifters, and your werewolves. Give me a little hocus pocus any day.

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