And the winning cover for YOU DON'T KNOW MY NAME is...

Hello lovely Swooners!

Thank you so much for your votes and enthusiasm over the You Don't Know My Name cover. I adored all the covers, so the struggle to not stare at the voting page and hit refresh every 60 seconds was very real. I’m super pumped to announce that something amazing has happened for the first time in Swoon Reads cover history.

The winning cover is…


Wait for it….


Almost there…



YDKMN ponytail cover

YDKMN red data cover

mind blown

The votes were so close between these two stunning covers (just a few votes separated 1st and 2nd place) that Swoon master cover designer Rich D. is going to take your favorite elements from each gorgeous image and create one spectacular new cover!

snl losing mind

I was so excited about the news that I jumped up and down and promptly stubbed my toe (hello, klutz). It’s like getting two Christmas mornings with two very beautiful Christmas presents. I loved both of these covers so much that it was hard to pick between them. I’m obsessed with the ponytail (a very-Reagan hairstyle) and the way the sunglasses and blank face pull you in with the Ponytail Cover. And I’m in love with the bold colors and bullet holes on the Red Data Cover. I’m so happy you all loved these covers as much as I did. I would totally pick them both up off the shelf, so I can’t wait to see the magic Rich will bring to the final cover.

friends excited

It’s still hard to believe that I have the tremendous opportunity to share Reagan’s story with the world. I pinch myself daily, and seeing these covers makes it feel that much more real. Thank you so much to the talented, rock star team at Swoon Reads and to all of you fabulous Swooners who voted. I cannot wait for the day you get to hold this book in your hands. January 10, 2017… get here already!

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