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Writing Prompt: Love Songs

I used to moonlight as a DJ’s assistant, so I’ve found myself at more than my fair share of wedding receptions. My favorite part (besides the free cake, of course)? The first dance. I just love it how the newly married couple chooses a single song that basically defines them and their story. Then as they dance together in the middle of the room, surrounded by their loved ones, it seems like the world just falls away until it’s just them and the music… *Sigh* So romantic.

Love songs inspire me. I think, if this particular song were about particular characters in a book, what would the story there be? Are they just starting out all passionate and hopeful? Been together for a few years and are comfortable and most likely in it forever? Are they falling apart? (Say it isn’t so!)

Here are a few of my favorite songs, all about different points in a relationship. Do any of them get your creative juices flowing? If so, write about it! Even if there’s just one little lyric that grabs you, who knows? Maybe you can turn it into this year’s NaNoWriMo project (and share it on Swoon Reads later, of course!).


1. Always Be ~ Holly Maher


2. Take Me the Way I Am ~ Ingrid Michaelson


3. Amnesia ~ 5 Seconds of Summer


I decided to use lyric/still videos so your own interpretations wouldn’t be influenced by the stories being played out in the music videos. Besides, the Ingrid Michaelson one had clowns in it for some reason, and I don’t do clowns. NOPE.

What swoonworthy love songs inspire you? Share your picks in the comments below!

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