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Writing Prompt: M.A.S.H. It Up!


Alright. If your pre-adolescence was anything at all like mine, it was heavily dominated by endless rounds of MASH. Remember that game? Your friend would pick out the limited options for your future, conveniently focused around the boys you liked and your interest in riding Pegasus to jazz band practice (just me?), and you would watch eagerly as your fortune-telling friend eliminated the possibilities one by one until your destiny was written out right in front of you, likely in sparkly gel pen.

A few years ago, The Hairpin did an amazing revamp of MASH for single NYC ladies. Now, I present: Swoon’s YA Romance Novel Setup Generator, MASH-style!


In case for whatever reason your memory of MASH rules is a little faded, take a look here for a refresher. I wanted to leave this one on the open-ended side so no writers would feel caught in a genre-trap. So everything is completely open to your interpretation!

Here are my results:



If I were going to write a Swoon manuscript, it’d be about a girl who lives in a mansion in the city (like maybe this one, why not?? Or this one – library!). She takes the bus everywhere because she’s still down-to-earth (duh, living in Brooklyn) and she has a weird knack for drawing in the city’s animals. Strangely enough, there hadn’t been hawks living in Central Park for centuries before she was born. She’s got a hot, nerdy boyfriend and a guy best friend who’s secretly been in love with her for years – but there’s also an intriguing girl who our protagonist recently met on one of her long solo walks through Prospect Park. She’s trying to figure out her sexuality, but it’s making her stepdad really uncomfortable and turning him into a real jerk.

That brilliant idea is totally up for grabs, by the way.

Share your own results in the comments below!

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