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Writing Prompt: M.A.S.H. It Up! (Part II)

Almost two years ago, Swoon staffer Miriam M. made a FANTASTIC homage to the good ol' days of (pre-Twitter) pre-adolescence with her swoonworthy story generator M.A.S.H. game. I just recently found it in our archives and thought, "Man, that was fun. We should do that again." And here we are!

Swoon MASH 2-1

Everything in this game is totally open to your own interpretation! And in case any of you don't quite remember how to play, or have never played before, here's a quick rundown. Also, if you'd like the print the game out and play, you can just right-click and open the image in a new tab and print from there.

In case you're curious, here's how my own round turned out:

Swoon MASH 2-2

Let's see... So my main character lives in a house by the sea. I'm thinking she's a girl, and she's got some serious talent with machinery. I'm picturing a steampunk-y sort of world, and she helps the local fisherman in her little town keeping their boats running properly, and it's a pretty quiet life. One of the love interests is totally a hot fisherman-boy her age who she's grown up with. Then one day a small golden device washes up on shore. She tinkers with it, not thinking anything of it, although she is impressed with how intricate it is and wonders what it does. But then the government starts hunting for the device... and her. Adventure and intrigue ensues! Not sure who the second love interest would be yet... a fellow government runaway perhaps, who she meets in her travels? Someone with a snarky attitude and a mysterious past? Me like!

How about you, Swooners? Catch any new plot bunnies from the game?

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